About Lirok

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Lirok has been established in 2005.

From the very first days, relying on our team knowledge and previous experiences, we concentrate on Design and Construction of Cleanrooms for important Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in a way that during four first years we completed 12 projects at a high and unique quality in design and construction.

Besides, we developed a production department in 2007 to support Turnkey projects for special products which were not available according special specification in the market like Hygienic Air Handling Units, HEPA Filter Boxes, Specific Diffusers even Cleanroom Partitioning etc.

In 2010, we introduces Experienced Engineers in our Technical department to complete Engineering process, Procurement follow up and Construction activities of Whole Pharmaceutical facilities specially in Bio-pharm and sterile products.

Now after these years we are absolutely capable to support Pharmaceutical Facility projects from A to Z by using our experiences and abilities and our Cooperative Companies supports as well.