Modular Cleanroom Partitions

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Lirok has provided a Modular system for Cleanrooms based on his experiences of using different systems during years of activity in several Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharm projects. Necessity of full control on manufacturing process of such Cleanroom system lead Lirok to produce a modular partitioning system according to regulatory requirements and various project needs as described below.


Cleanroom Partitions:

Lirok Cleanroom partitions are made in high quality specification. main technology is Sandwich Panel Manufacturing with different cores and surfaces. Lirok can provide Sandwich Panels with Honeycombs, Rock Wool or Poly Urethane cores covered by painted metal sheets or HPL layers which are most selling products in Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharm Cleanrooms.


- Wall panels has 50 mm thickness produced from 440 mm to 1200 mm width and 3000 mm long.

- Ceiling panels also produced from 50 mm to 80 mm tick with different width/long sizes as wall panels.


Key specifications  of this partitioning system are:

  • Highly flexible & Modular design
  • Simple & Fast Installation
  • Fully Flushed finishing
  • Presence of Durable Finishing Material
  • Tight Sealed joints
  • Flush Fitting floor details
  • Availability of Removable service panels
  • Easy Fitting system for Filter Boxes, Lighting etc.
  • Light Weight
  • Low Mechanical Rework


Cleanroom Doors

To have fully flushed system for Cleanrooms, Lirok makes Metallic painted doors, flushed and tighten. Thickness of doors are equal to wall panels (50 mm) to maintain flush attach and for easy/fast manufacturing and installation Lirok Cleanroom doors are produced in 6 types/dimension:

                    One Leaf                                                         Double Leafs

                    2100x750                                                      2100x(900+300) 1200

                    2100x900                                                      2100x(900+600) 1500

                   2100x1100                                                     2100x(900+900) 1800


Lirok Cleanroom doors also have specific advantages as described below:

  • Durable performance
  • Durable finishing material
  • Flushed Installation / Both sides
  • Different colors
  • Drop Seal system
  • SS Handle and Hinges
  • Body mounted Interlocking system can be attached by order


Cleanroom Windows

Lirok double glazed pressurized and fixed windows in 50 mm tick are totally flushed in installation with different dimension to support view points in a production area.

Lirok windows  all have 1000 mm for one side and 440 mm, 590 mm, 740 mm, 840 mm, 1200 mm and 2400 mm for the other side which can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Double glazed window with 1000 mm width and 2400 mm long is used for long visitor view when installed horizontally and also is used for breaking emergency exit when installed vertically.