Cleanroom Lightings

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It's no mystery that cleanrooms present numerous challenges to designers who specify lighting systems. Cleanroom lighting will vary depending on the room's use, its classification and ceiling air supply configuration. In an ideal situation, lighting systems should provide good visibility and be designed with contamination control issues—electromagnetic field generation and clean ability—in mind. But before that can be achieved, a thorough examination of the basic fundamentals, illumination requirements, available styles and fixture construction must be undertake 

Lirok lightings are recessed and install from the top on the ceiling on a airtight glassed opening to the room. All maintenances carried out from the top without any entrance of technician to the cleanrooms.

After attaching the glass to the place and lighting mounting to the ceiling from the top a fully flushed lighting point will achieve within the room.

The only size manufactured by Lirok is 480 x 480 mm lighting which is fixed in a 500 x 500 mm opening on the ceiling foreseen in design and manufacturing of ceiling panels according to 3D drawings produced by Lirok engineering department.

Lirok lightings have two different types regarding the quantity of lamps:

3x36 W


It can be used according to desired lighting level based on the calculation made by lighting software like DIALUX.