Duct Mounted Heaters

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To achieve desired temperature and humidity in presence of different heating loads in different rooms duct mounted heaters are necessary. Various type of heaters can be used in ducting system but Lirok prefer to use electrical duct heaters because of easy installation, easy controlling and easy power distribution.


Lirok electrical heaters have following specifications:

  • meet the requirements of air conditioning system.
  • Heating elements shall be open coil, 80% nickel, 20% chromium
  • Heater frames and terminal boxes are corrosion resistant steel.
  • Voltage, phase and number of heating stages indicated in the schedule.
  • All three-phase heaters  have equal, balanced, three-phase stages.
  • All internal wiring are stranded copper with 105°C insulation and are terminated in crimped connectors or box lugs.

Both rectangular and round electrical heaters are available

Power range of heaters would be from 0.1 kw to 5 kw