Door Interlock System

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Door Interlock system is a system, which on request allows opening of just one door at same time between rooms. The system prevents the simultaneous opening of any other door in the room. thus this system minimizes contamination transfer and also aids in maintenance of airflow and pressure in the room for pharmaceutical facilities.

Lirok has designed a standalone system  for each single door which can communicate with the other doors to make 16 doors to be interlocked via a closed network

This system has following features:

  • All the Doors are held locked in Normal condition.  
  • On Request allows opening of the door only if all the interlocked doors  are in locked  condition.
  • Deadbolt Locking mechanism to be used for holding the doors in locked condition.
  • The simultaneous release of interlocked doors shall not be allowed. (except in case of emergency)
  • Audio / Visual Alarm for indicating the various status of the Doors.
  • Emergency Mode to defeat interlocking and immediate release of all the interlocked doors.
  • Facility to program the Door Interlock Sequence logic at site. 

Lirok interlock system is completely attachable and compatible with Lirok doors in a way that after mounting of all elements on door frame a flushed finishing will achieved perfectly.