Swirl Diffusers

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To supply and extract air into and from cleanrooms special diffusers and grills hire to maintain extra physical characteristics for the air.

In cleanrooms with less than Grad B in pharmaceutical production areas, conventional regime is used very common to have good mixing between introduced clean air and existing non clean air in the room. Principle concept is dilution in such systems.

To have perfect mixing and dilution within a cleanroom, velocity and direction of the supply air is important.

Lirok swirl diffusers provide suitable path for introducing air at the age of entrance to maintain required velocity and direction for perfect mixing.

Using self maintained blades which provided by cutting and bending the own surface of each diffusers also provide a solution to have a perfect air stream into the room. beside elimination of extra unwilling parts which make Lirok swirl diffusers simple and easy to clean is the other advantage of these diffusers.

Return grills also provided simple in a way that velocity on the grill surface regulated by using calculated quantity of elliptic punches to provide smooth air movement trough grills to avoid any extra noises for keeping the inside silence as much as possible.


Both Swirl Diffusers and Return Grills are produced in a way that the dimension are absolutely compatible with filter box sizes and conditions of Lirok cleanroom partitions on wall and ceiling in way that after installation, complete flushed condition will be achieved.

Lirok Swirl diffusers and Return grills both are produced in three dimensions:

700 x 700 mm

525 x 525 mm

435 x 435 mm