Hygienic Air Handling Units

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There are many factors affecting air quality, comfort conditions and the efficient operation of Hygienic Air Handling Units such as: Mechanical performance, Thermal transmission through the Air Handling Unit casing, Air leakage , Noise transmission, Bacteria and fungi protection, Air cleanliness and filter efficiency, Fan and motor efficiency, Fan and motor type , Dehumidification , Humidification  etc.

Hygienic Air Handling Units for Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharm HVAC systems made by Lirok are equipped with the main following features which provides high confidence for the clients used these AHU’s in their projects till now.

  • Smooth Internal Surfaces
  • Anti Bacterial sealing Materials
  • Stainless Steel drain pans
  • High efficiency and Anti corrosion Coils
  • High efficiency fans
  • Tight service door system
  • Anti Vibration fan chassis
  • Low noise dynamic elements
  • Effective filtration philosophy

Lirok tried to take care of all Hygiene and Performance issues in manufacturing of the AHU’s for pharmaceutical production by design and construct of different elements in those machines described below.

Doubled-walled Hygienic Air Handling Units in modular construction for air conditioning, horizontal or vertical mounting, completely detachable structure of housing without welding & rivet joints is the benefit of Lirok products in this area. Each module consists of a strong self supporting frame construction & doubled wall which makes each module suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting. The supports are made of extruded & anodized aluminum profiles. Inside of the wall of the Air handling units is so smooth and glossy and easy to dismantling and if required it could be covered with plastic outside and stainless steel of aluminum inside.

Service access doors are made in a similar construction as the panels with a strong locking handle and adjustable metal hinges to ensure an airtight door seal over the whole life span of the Air Handling Unit. All air Handling Unit can be supplied of a galvanized steel sub-frame if requested.

For large units there is an lifting eye for easy handling as standards. The individual units could be easily connected to each other by using the supplied sealing strip, connection brackets and screw.


High performance Pelenum (Plug) or Centrifugal fans with forward or backward curved blades by using direct drive connections are used in Lirok AHU’s. The rotors also are statically and dynamically balanced, low noise with at least 20000 hours operating life.

The fan and motor mounted on the base frame and the vibration damper under the frame prevent extra or unwanted vibration.

It could be single speed, two speed  or steeples motor if requested.


Heating and Cooling coils

Quality heat exchangers with copper tubes and aluminum fins are used to provide maximum thermal transmission. Heating and cooling coils are made of galvanized steel and they were pressure tested to 30 bar.

The coil connection spigots are treated  and an airtight rubber seal is provided where the pass through the Air handling Unit panel.

The heat exchangers can easily be withdraw from the AHU unit for servicing via service panel and the guide rail.

In cooling coils, In addition there is a condensate stainless steel drain pan and a 1inch spigot on the service side.

If required droplet eliminators with plastic separator blade will be fitted , the


According to design, different types of filters with different efficiencies are using in Lirok AHU’s. to provide an increased surface area for high dust storing, particle capturing and separation capacity for easy maintenance, the filter  cells can be withdrawn on the service side of AHU by the means of removable service panel or access door.  High quality bag filters which have temperature resistance of up to 90 C, are self supporting are also using. The bag filter are held in the place by galvanize steel frame. Installation of high flow HEPA filters also is possible in the last stage of AHU considering all required accessories like leakage free frame, integrity test points etc. Required test reports and certificates are available on client request.



Opposite acting and aerodynamically shaped blades mounted in a anodized extruded aluminum profile frame with 30 mm flange with lip seal are used as dampers in Lirok AHU’s.

The plastic gear wheels are housed in a hollow frame profile and are completely protected from dirt and dust that carried by the air stream provide long life performance and easy acting dampers for Lirok AHU’s.


Several options are available on request:

  • Dehumidifier section
  • Heat exchanger for energy saving process
  • Extra dampers for Air mixing
  • Sound attenuator
  • Diffusion section
  • Humidifier
  • Self falling dampers
  • Filter pressure test point
  • Filter pressure gauges
  • Inspection opening
  • Maintenance switch for fan