Laminar Air Flow

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For critical production points Unidirectional Air Flow concept, maintain high level of cleanliness and ensure of low risk for contamination.

Lirok produces LAF units in high level of performance and confidence with specific and unique characteristics as below:

  • Full Stainless Steel body
  • Integrated filter seat
  • Guarded HEPA filter
  • Pre-filtering for high performance of final HEPA filters
  • Monitoring of final filter pressure
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Sampling port for particle concentration tests
  • Low noise blower
  • Easy installation progress
  • Displaying of usage time
  • Velocity control of fans (can be provided on order)


In turn key projects done by Lirok, Using Lirok products in this section always assure clients to reach to desired cleanliness level under the LAF units as Lirok is also responsible for the classification under the LAF’s same as the other areas.