Construction is not, by nature, a clean activity. The majority of construction activities occur in an environment that actually contributes to the deterioration of clean conditions.

In the construction of a Pharmaceutical  facility, it is important that all contractor and site employees understand of GMP on the other hand feel it on construction activities and take the necessary actions to minimize the impact of this fact.

As described before a pharmaceutical facility construction project is one the most complicated ones so understanding GMP impacts is not enough to construct such manufacturing plant, off course the constructor need to be completely familiar with large variety of activities and pharmaceutical systems.

Lirok based on his references in design and construction of different type of pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical and off course sensitive understanding of GMP surely can support clients in construction activities.

  • Site management
  • People control
  • Contractor control
  • Project control
  • Procurement
  • Logistic
  • Cost control


And different other tasks and sub tasks are what Lirok do to gain best result in construction part of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.