HEPA Filter Box

cleanroom iran clean room air filter modular pharmaceutical biotechnology turnkey validation sandwich panel qualification box

Key issue to achieve clean air for pharmaceutical production areas is choosing the right Filtration philosophy. Different scenarios are hired to reach to cleanliness levels but again the main issue in every filtration scenario is integrity of the final HEPA filter and its filter box in the air introduction on the ceiling.

Lirok provides so simple and effective structure for HEPA filter boxes to ensure of integrity of the filters in the filter boxes, and between filter boxes and ceiling panels as well, during in-situ installation. Screwed filter holders which squeeze filter gasket to the seat of a filter box also ensure complete integrity of these both important elements.

Lirok HEPA filter boxes can be made from coated metal sheets and stainless steel body, both. An effective sample port with easy tighten/untighten approach attached to the inner side of each filter box to facilitate sampling of upper concentration of particles for integrity test which help test operators to have easy and fast testing progress.

Filter changing from inside or outside of the room both can be provided on order.

As HEPA filter boxes attached to Lirok partitioning system they are categorized for fast and easy installation to cover all range of air flows needed within a cleanroom design and are available for 12 different HEPA filter sizes:


610x610x90 mm 435x435x90 mm 345x345x90 mm

610x610x110 mm 435x435x110 mm 345x345x110 mm

610x610x150 mm 435x435x150 mm 345x345x150 mm

610x610x292 mm 435x435x292 mm 345x345x292 mm


Specific dimension can be provided by order and HEPA filter boxes can be used ceiling and wall mounted for both supply and return air.